Axe Pulse Body Talcum 100gms

e2dshop Price: 60

  • Brand : Axe
  • Product Type :body talcum powder
  • Size : 100gms

More Features

  • Masculine and citrus scent Keeps your skin fresh and clean
  • Safe on skin Stimulates your senses
  • Amplifies a smooth shave Day long effect
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Live it up and make this world your own. Be the man who stops at nothing while setting benchmarks for others. Engineered for the man who leads from the front, Axe Pulse Talcum Powder will make you irresistible. Let your fragrance set the tone for the perfect day to start. A fragrance crafted to ensure your always the centre of attention, wherever you go. This fragrance complements your moves with a refreshing and luxurious aura. Axe Pulse Talc is specially designed to give you a fragrance that would make you invincible and also give you deodorant-like protection that you need against sweating. It also controls body odour, when you tend to sweat the most. The masculine and citrus scent keeps you refreshed and revived throughout the day. It absorbs the excessive oil secreted on the skin and gives a fresh sweat free feeling. Be sharp. Be bold. Be the man every woman desires. We pride ourselves as the creators of irresistible fragrances. Axe fragrances not only smell good but also keep you fresh, clean and confident. Axe range of talcum powders, after shave lotions and deodorants provide longer lasting protection that goes on from work, to party, to after party, to after the after party.

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