comfort blue bottle 1.5L

e2dshop Price: 315

  • Brand : comfort
  • Product Type :After wash
  • Size : 1.5L

More Features

Delivers unbeatable shine and fragrance to your clothes, that no detergent alone can deliver Just 1/2 a cap of Comfort cares for 10 clothes Use Comfort easily with both 'hand wash' and 'machine wash' Makes clothes soft, smooth and great to wear Provides long lasting 14 days of freshness Maintains the new like shine of clothes, even after repeated washing

Only Detergent makes your clothes dull and lifeless. Comfort is a special fabric 'conditioner' that cares for your clothes and gives them an unbeatable shine and fragrance, that no detergent alone can deliver. It provides Long-lasting 14-day Freshness, making clothes soft, smooth and great to wear. Add just 1/2 a cap of comfort in the last rinse of washing, to give your clothes an amazing shine and fragrance.

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